Short Term Outlook regarding the United States Economy

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What Factors affect the market  projections for the next 3 months?
  1. Strong earnings for the S&P 500 are reported  this quarter of 2013.. ( Up about 4%)  The chief financial officer for Lensco Private Ledger suggests that they could be up by   7 – 8 % by the end of the year.
  2. What about the shutdown?  Most companies will not be affected by the shutdown.
  3.  Other factors are more imortant. Earnings and other factors below are more likely to impact the market.
  4. Spending cuts, higher taxes, and higher gasoline prices are more important and are an anchor weighing down the economy 
  5. Positive factors: The global economy has done better than expected; and the stock market is returning to form.. The housing market is also returning .
What about the nay sayers that are predicting a crash within 12 months?
Economist Harry Dent has had great success in the past predicting economic changes based on things such as population growth and other factors.  He suggests that since a large portion of the U.S. S&P stock index includes companies that are global, ( About 40%) that our market will crash anyway.
You can read his 2014 predictions: The Great Depression 2014, for yourself at:
What do I do for my own IRA savings account or portfolio if I prefer safety of principal, guarantees of a lifetime income, and growth crediting that is independent of the S&P or other indices?
One solution is to have some of your money in an indexed annuity offered by one of the more competitive insurance companies.. I believe that they are most suited for those that plan to use the accounts as a vehicle to generate monthly or annual income.  You would therefore normally want to ad an “income rider” which gives you a contractual guarantee of a high income payment. You have almost 1,200 competing for your business in most states. You will want to sit down with your advisor and go through a complete suitability review first before deciding on any retirement solutions.
Note: This article is offered for entertainment purposes only; is not meant to be investment advice.. If you decide to invest any money for any purpose it is recommend that you first talk to your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor.
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