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I think you will appreciate the tips and suggestions offered below from the Creative Commons Website.  This blog post is offered for comparison only versus other free licensing websites and not meant to be offered as legal advice.

With a Creative Commons license, you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit — and only on the conditions you specify here. For those new to Creative Commons licensing, we’ve prepared a list of things to think about. If you want to offer your work with no conditions attached, or you want to mark a work that is already free of known copyright restrictions and in the public domain, choose one of our public domain tools.
When you choose a license, we provide you with HTML you can use to add the license information to your site and information on how to select a license on one of several free hosting services that have incorporated Creative Commons. This is not a registration and we do not retain a record of your selection.
This blog post is not meant to be legal advice but is merely the sharing of an article that seems have value for entrepeneurs.

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How to access free Copyright Advice
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