2 Easy But Specific Questions Can Lead To More Referrals in any industry!

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Randy Taylor has been both a state and national speaker in 3 different industries:
Office products, Hospital Research, and Financial Services.  He was interviewed 6 times on television or radio and sales and acting. He is a veteran of over well over the 10,000 presentations and has exceeded the standard recommended for expert status.

Questions are the Answer for all aspects of the sales process

Questions are the underlying secret to success in all key areas of the sales process including referral acquisition. That includes the following:

  Building Rapport
  Fact Finding
  Objection Handling
  Referral gathering

The bottom line:  Referral Collection
Don’t wait for referrals: Ask for them. 

The general method: Be specific and ask for the exact client referral that meets you ideal client profile.  

Question #1: “ I am expanding my business and I need your help: Who do you know who: ( Fill in the blanks with age, geographical location etc, income.”  Do not change a single word. *

Question #2: First go to LinkedIn or Facebook and find out who recommended them on that media.

Feed those names as follows:  ” I plan on contacting , fill in  the name,  Do you mind if I mention that you and I are friends. Don’t ask for permission to call them; only permission to use your current contacts name. 

Those 2 easy questions can actually be the difference to success or failure.

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* Quote attribution, question 1, to Mark Sheer.

How to get referrals on the spot with only two questions
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