Simple Steps for Increasing Event Attendance

I have helped get a group page add   874 Likes in one day and have managed to keep
very high attendance in a networking group for 52 weeks in a row by inviting directly from an event group page. I also multiply  my reach by adding myself to large groups and sharing the event url addresses to them. How to set up a facebook  events here:
1.)  Reach 40,000 people, not 5,000.
 Don’t rely on a non-specific data base like your Facebook page. Use target marketing lists & groups. I can only reach 5,000 from my page but can reach around 40,000 by posting my event link on group pages that allow it.
2.) Create a Group Page on Facebook: 
With a Facebook group, you can create a new event page from your
target audience; then with a single click of the mouse send out both a Facebook invitation and an email that includes the link back to your event.
3.)  With all event notices use engaging, eye catching photos. 
4.)  Keep your event page descriptions brief by using bullet points instead of text.
5.) Create a second group on LinkedIn.
  Linked In allows you to belong to as many as 50 groups. Create your own, start your own discussions and develop a following.
6.) Ask your friends to share your links to their databases and above all, their groups.
7.) When posting on any site about your event, Keep your text description of one sentence and then copy and paste the event url address. The url address will create the photo and  back link for you.

8.) Finally, think about how you can automate and  simplify the process . Use 1 link or two only, Copy and paste them to all social media sites and groups.
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How to Increase Event Attendance Dramatically, and for Free
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