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Opening Sales Calls More  Effectively

The most common  mistake  among new and veteran sales people is usually that they start presenting product solutions before knowing what the customer needs, wants,  or can afford.
The basics in opening sales calls help with handling objections and even closing later in the interview.
Step  #1: He who asks the most questions and talks the least controls the interview. 
It is important to find out what they are using, how much they are  paying, what their goals are, and how they think  they might improve their situation.
Step #2 : Take notes during the fact  finding and:
Step #3 :  then  present a  solution to  their  specific concerns; not a  standardized  sales script..This is called consultative selling and develops rapport quickly.
Closing Starts During the Presentation, Not Just the Ending.

During the sales  process you will want to ask trial closing  questions to check your progress and
also to help you identify customer “hot buttons”..

The best trial closing questions include:  
Does  that  make sense ?
Can you see how that will help you?
Does that fit  your budget?
You can close immediately after a Yes answer to any of the above or take notes  and close later.

The Easiest Effective Closing Methods to Use or Teach to Others:
The formula:

Step  #1 : Assume The Sale; be positive
Step  #2 : Summarize the benefits they agreed to only
Step  #3 : Ask for the business
Simple But Effective Closing  Questions:
Order Blank  Close: Do steps above then  simply fill  out the order blank verbally: “Is this your correct address” etc.
The Secondary Choice:  ( Not..a choice  between two options.) You ask for the business and then follow  it  with a second  choice like:  “Does this make sense? and immediately follow with:  I can’t deliver this until next Tuesday, would that be soon enough ? ”  If they say yes to it’s soon enough; they have bought.
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How to Open and Close Sales Calls
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