The Simplest Free Task or To Do List is Available with  a Gmail Account

Need a fast and free system for followups, a running prospect list for sales, or a prioritized 
list of tasks to do?  Google has an answer that is very versatile and easy to modify as tasks are completed.
How to get started:  
Log into your gmail account.
Tasks then appear in the upper left side of the screen page near where it says contacts.
To then find the tab for tasks; look for the red arrow just to the right of the word contacts.
1.) Click on Tasks and a to do list opens up.
2.) Then add new tasks by just clicking on your left mouse tab and then typing the name of your task
3.) If you want to assign a due date; type in a date at the start of your task.
How to Add a task directly from an email:
Open any mail message.  Then left click on the More actions drop down. Select:  Add to Tasks

How to change the order of your task items:

Reorder Your List

Change the order of the list by clicking to the left of the check-box on any item. Then change the order of your tasks by clicking and dragging on the area to the left until your item is where you want it.

Can you have several task lists at once ?

Yes you can and it’s easy. You might want to separate personal tasks from business task or shopping 
lists etc. 

Multiple Lists

If you want to keep track of work tasks and home tasks or tasks within separate projects, you can create multiple task lists. You would simply click near lower right corner of your task window and then select  New List.

Summary: This works very well and of course is saved on the Google server so you are safer than you might be by having a task list on a desk top.. You can combine several uses also with the Google gmail calendar which allows you to not only to schedule appointments but to also send reminders of the appts. to meeting participants while you are creating the appointment.

The system is free and inexpensive and I have used it extensively with good results.
I hope this helps with both personal and business time scheduling for many of you.

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How to Use the Google Task List for Reminders or Follow Ups
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