How To Get the  Most From Your Retirement Money With Safety

  1. What is the most common mistake that people make in selecting investments? They often don’t consider that there are 3 phases to investing money. Accumulation phase, distribution phase..spending, and Legacy phase.
    They let greed or excitement get them thinking too much about short term results, and invest too aggressively..instead of building a safe foundation first. The result is that they experience losses that they don’t have time to recover from. Warren Buffett once said that there 2 main rules in investing. 1..Don’t lose money….and #2..see rule #1. Investing should be a marathon and not a sprint!
  2. Example trying to TIME when to buy and sell in the stock market instead.
  3.  Peter Lynch who once ran the largest mutual fund in the world said: Marketing timing is impossible.
  1. How does age enter into what types of savings accounts people should consider? The closer to retirement you are; the more conservative you have to be since you don’t have time to recover from stock market losses. 1 rule of thumb that is a place to start is: To look at your age as a starting point for which what percentage of your savings would go into something with guaranteed interest , and the rest should be invested more aggressively.
    Younger people still need a foundation; but have MORE time to re invest and recover from losses.
  1. How much money should someone put at risk?
    As much as you fell you can afford to lose and still recover.
    Other things enter into the formula too like..if you have insurance of different types, disability income etc.. Then you can take a little more risk. Getting back to age again, Baby boomers might have to be safer with their money because losing money when you are closer to retirement would create a life style change., They would have to put off retirement several years for example.
4.)There is the big rush now for Baby Boomers to retire. How can they best use their current IRA money? I like indexed annuities which offer safety, tax deferral on the interest and secondary guarantees that can pay as much as 6 to 7% out for life..
5.)What is the most commonly overlooked piece in a retirement puzzle?
Risk management while in the accumulation phase.. Retirement savings require income..Being able to set aside money for your childs college or a home purchase requires money. its lost if you disable or die.. Losing a law suit could bankrupt people..There are programs like legal insurance to help you..$19 month.
All so, simple insurance protection against income  loss
due to disability or death is often overlooked.

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