Spam Advertising Posts Don’t Work & Can Even Cost You Followers.

Question: When you open up the newspaper or a magazine; do you go to the classified ads section or
stay on the pages that have content?

Question #2: When you are on Facebook and you see an obvious spam ad, do you skip it and to to something more interesting like a video or photo from a friend?

The Real Risk to the Spammer

If you spam too frequently on social media, even group pages, you run the risk of people actually getting offended, skip your ads, deleting them, blocking you, or just unfollowing you. The above reactions are not only common; they can result in the opposite effect that you were looking for.

What is the Solution ?: 

Engaging people while spreading your brand is not rocket science. The secret is not better technology either. Here are 3 easy but effective ways to keep people engaged without hurting your SEO rankings:

1.) Post Tips that are related to your industry. This establishes you as an expert, not as a salesperson.

2.) Use the chat feature on Facebook or messaging on other media to actually schedule appointments with people. Instead of sending more spam or a sales video; ask for a networking appointment via chat.

3.) Keep your status updates short: 82 characters only; like a tweet might be. Keep your videos under 60 seconds sot that they also do not appear like a infomercial.

4.) Finally, use back links to your website, blog, or other content filled sites.

Because I have personally tried to do the above I have been able to contact people that had networks much larger than mine that were willing to hep me. The result: I now have access to 2 media networks that each have 20 million viewer monthly and I have met individuals with up to 500,000 Facebook followers that have posted my business page links for free.

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Spam Social Media Ads Don’t Work, 4 Easy Solutions
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