Selling is Not Telling:

Telephone sales techniques are no different  than person to person sales calls.
If you use time and field tested principles instead of a script; you will 10 times more effective.

About the Author:  Randy Taylor has been trained in sales by fortune 500 companies, in 3 totally unrelated industries and been both a state and national speaker on sales practices. He was also quoted
by Forbes Magazine regarding sales practices for home based businesses. He is also a sought after speaker on networking practices and was interviewed on television and radio 6 times in 2014.

The Basics:

  Use an outline to keep you on track that includes questions you want to ask; but never a script.

 Immediately identify yourself and the purpose of your call.

 Ask the prospect “Is this a good time to talk?” ” I need about 5 minutes”
 The client will usually say: No , but what is this about?  You can then begin by asking questions.

If they say no, mention I understand; what it was
 about was a way to: reduce your advertising cost, or whatever bullet is important.

Ask questions about their current situation to immediately engage them in a conversation and to uncover their needs that you can solve.

Take notes about their goals and needs and address that later when you present a single solution.

Try to keep your entire sales call to 10 minutes which includes fact finding, presenting, and closing.

After presenting, Close by summarizing the concerns they mentioned; and which feature of your service addresses that. Do not add other product solutions. Finally ask for the business and ask a closing question.

Finally explain what you will do and when. Then get a verbal commitment for them to follow up; mail a form back; go to a website etc.

Key Point:  The Person that talks the least, ( The one asking the questions), controls the call.

When calling from a referral lead:  Ask only for the appointment. Do not present product features. Referral procurement and telephone objection handling will be addressed in another article, workshop, and video.

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“Telephone Sales for Dummies” How to be more effective
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