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Randy Taylor has been a state or national speaker regarding the sales process in 3 different industries since the 1970s. He was first published in in 1998 and was quotes in Forbes
regarding small business practices in 2012. He also has appeared as an actor on T.V. and in films.

So you want to be a pro?  Are you willing to pay the price?

There is no such thing as a natural. There are those  born with more talents than others; but not with real world class or even “next level”,talent. Please read the brief examples below of what really separates the good from the exceptional!
The secret to success in sales or entertainment is skill development. Skill development is never by chance, but rather by hard work.  
Ask yourself: When is the last time that you practiced your craft?  When you did practice did you do it in a real sales call when money was at stake, or did you practice dozens or hundreds of times with a mentor or accountability partner before testing your skills?  

What did the legends do when they wanted to become legendary?

The Beatles:  The Beatles made a huge splash when they “came out of no where and appeared
on the Ed Sullivan show. Did they arrive with talent from just playing in their garage. Philip Norman, author of Shout, disagrees. He said that before 18 months of nightly performances in Germany, that ” They were no good onstage when they went there but they were very good when they came back.” They performed 270 times during that period for up to 8 hours per day! Naturals? Hardly. naturals. When they were seen on Ed Sullivan; they had already done 1,200 live performances.

Gary Player: Inducted inducted into the world golf hall of fame, was once approached by a fan.
The fan said to him: I want to practice and be able to play like you.  Player’s self absorbed but candid answer was: “You can’t play like me unless you are willing to get up at 5:00 a.m. get to the course
before anyone else and hit golf balls until your hands bleed.  Then you have to tape them up and hit another 1,000 balls? Excessive? yes, but the point to be made is that motivation alone, reading, mentoring, will not get you to the top unless you are willing to practice your skills until they improve.

George Young Olympic Steeplechase Competitor:  My high school track coach was a brother to George Young who was the American record holder in the steeplechase and the oldest competitor in the world to  run a sub 4 minute mile. He held down a full time job, had a bleeding ulcer and and managed to still run up to a 100 miles per week in training before the olympics. He placed third in the high altitude of Mexico City. Not a natural, but rather a highly trained athlete that tried to out train his competition.

Summary even if you goal is only to succeed in your local community in a narrow niche market; you have to practice your skills. Start today, call a friend and set up a practice session. ” If I become complacent, I will remember my competition”  Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”

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The Key to Success is not Goal Setting or Motivation , Ask The Beatles
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