The Most Common Fault that both new and experienced sales people make is to not spend enough time finding out the client’s goals, budgets, and needs.

The second most common fault, equally important is to not relate the product or service solution to the client’s goals.  The secret to doing that is real simple! 

One Key Phrase will Keep you on track. It is: “And what that means to you is” :_______________

The answer is simple, but not easy for most.       Instead of  presenting all of your great features, you instead ask the prospect key fact finding questions, listen, present, then close. To keep yourself on track ,it is best to take notes during the presentation, then when presenting the product or service solution; simply say:  “Our product will do this to fix that issue and “What that means to you is” ________. That allows you to relate their needs to your solution and not be seen as a carnival barker talking features that mean much to you, but little to them.  .  

What this means to you is: More sales with fewer sales calls and repeat presentations.  I learned this from the Xerox Professional Sales Skills program and have used it in 3 industries with great success for both in person and telephone sales presentations. 

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The One Phrase that Improves all Presentations
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