Struggling with motivation? The answer is NOT what you think

 Affirmations don’t work!

That’s right. The “I am ” statements we have heard about and practiced just don’t work and according to
author and guest of several national T.V. interviews; Noah St. John, they can even sabotage our efforts.

Why don’t affirmations work?

First of all, we are trying to ask our subconscious mind to do something it just doesn’t want to do and has already defeated our attempts in the past. Your  mind may say yes, while your  subconscious is saying: ” Yes but you have failed before.”  Still a skeptic? Read the book. It will make a believer out of you.

Noah St. John explains in his book that  our mind works like Google. In other words,it is programmed to answer questions like : “Why am I now on track to lose weigt” with only positive responses.
When you do your “I am statements in the current format, your subconscious can fight you. When you do them in a question format and in present tense; you have a breakthrough; a new solution that works.

This book changed my life for the better. I am sharing this link with you:

Have an open mind, make a few subtle changes in your self talk; and be pleasantly surprised.

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